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Misting Fans and Air-Conditioners: The Ultimate Battle

Nothing spoils summer fun more than heat. People just can’t enjoy the days pass by with the heat uncomfortably creeping into their skins. However, while no one has the power to alter the course of nature, it’s easy to artificially shift the temperature of a certain area a couple notches down with cooling systems. Good thing, various types of cooling systems were invented to provide heat-ridden people the comfort they’ve always yearned for.

Two of the most popular cooling systems are misting fans and air-conditioners, both designed with different capabilities and specializations. But in the battle between human and environment, which one of the two is the better weapon?

Let the ultimate competition begin.

A Bird’s Eye View

misterMisting fans are like lite versions of air-conditioners meant for outdoors. However, they use a different mechanism compared to air-con systems, which make use of absorption refrigeration cycles. They are more like humidifiers, which operate via evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling happens when water vapor evaporates and absorbs heat from the area at the same time.


  • Cost-effective and environment-friendly. If you want to cut down on energy costs and support the campaign in saving the environment, go for misting fans. These fans don’t release harmful gases like air-cons and are far less costly to operate and maintain.
  • Great indoors AND outdoors.The mist sprayed can be blown to cover large distances and provide relief for a large number of people. Perfect for any kind of occasion—be it a large outdoor event or an indoor family bonding activity—this misting fan can work wonders on the surrounding air.
  • Health benefits. These cooling systems are actually very useful not only in providing comfort to the people outdoors and the occasional passer-by but also in aiding the medication of certain medical conditions.People with nasal congestion, colds, dry and rough skin and respiratory problems benefit from a humidified environment.
  • Easier to organize and portable. While you need to seek help from professionals to assemble and install an air-conditioning system, fans can be bought straight from the store and manually operated. They can also be brought anywhere as they can stand alone. Personal misting fans, which are battery-operated, are also available in the market.

Air-conditioner: A Bird’s Eye View

mister  On the other hand, an air-conditioner is a major home appliance and cooling system designed to change the temperature and humidity of an enclosed area. It makes use of vapor-compression or refrigeration cycles, the same principle behind refrigerators. The components of an air-con work together through a continuous cycle of compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation which results to a reduced temperature and humidity.


Misting FanBetter cooling capability. Stores and shopping malls can’t be fully cooled up the way they are today with just fans everywhere. Large houses need to have a number of fans on each floor to achieve the cooling effect of a centralized air-con unit. Only air-conditioning units with their refrigeration cycles can effectively provide large shifts in temperature.

  • Safe for children. Most air-conditioning units are installed at window-level and cannot be reached by small children. The absence of rotating blades also makes air-cons far less of a safety hazard than fans.Plus,air-cons don’t have blades that constantly need cleaning.
  • Reduces humidity. While some prefer humidified surroundings, others find dehumidified ones better as it is more conducive to preventing mold growth. Also, dehumidification allows for faster drying of laundry clothes.

So, what’s the real score? The real score is that misting fans and air-conditioning units are equally capable battling the summer heat but are fit for different purposes and situations. If you want to enjoy a cold environment inside your house or room, you can go for an air-conditioning unit. But if you want something that’s portable, can be used outdoors, and can cool up your room well enough at a low cost, a misting fan is right for you.